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‘It Can’t Happen To Me – Risk Awareness’

A mock-scene during the It Can’t Happen To Me presentation in Mannville on May 1. Photos Angela Mouly

Mannville – Minburn – Innisfree Family and Community Support Services (M-M-IF.C.S.S.) hosted their 21st mock presentation ‘It Can’t Happen To Me – Risk Awareness Project’ for Grade 9 students in Mannville on May 1.

Students from Mannville, Innisfree, Irma, and Creighton Colony Schools had the opportunity to learn about the services available and procedures that can take place during traumatic events by viewing the mock – motor vehicle collision, as well as presentations that related to the consequences of negative risk taking.

The overall message to the students was that risk management and choices are a part of life. “This project gives youth the power to choose through education and the motivation to choose wisely. Acknowledge that texting and driving, drinking and driving, and not wearing your seatbelt are negative risks. Your actions positive or negative affect you, your family, and the community. Do your part in keeping safe,” said Jannette Riedel, M-M-IF.C.S.S.

During the presentation, students viewed the scene of a mock-partial roll over and weighed the seriousness of risk taking.

As a teacher and Mannville Fire Department training officer, Zane Polishuk described play by play details of what would happen in a live situation. He commented, “We’re all local. When my tones go off to alert me to a Fire Dept call, my first thought is always, ‘Who is it; is it one of mine?’”

Funeral Director and Embalmer for Lakeland Funeral Home, Jim Storch added, “It takes a community to raise a child; it also takes a community to grieve. Think about your decisions before you take action.”

Throughout the day, students had the opportunity to visit a mock-trauma room, and receive speeches from Vermilion RCMP and Victim Services, Prairie EMS, Lakeland Funeral Home, and guest speaker Nicole Martin. Comments from students following the session included that they were able to learn through others about how traumatizing events impacted the whole community.

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