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Cornerstone Co-op – Vermilion Liquor Store

Cornerstone Co-op was excited to welcome everyone during their Grand Opening of their new liquor store in Vermilion on September 13. General Manager, Graham Getz, welcomed everyone and thanked the entire Co-op team. “At Cornerstone we make life better in our communities. Co-op is a different kind of business. We are proud of being local,” said Getz. Mayor Caroline McAuley was happy to see the opening as a way of maintaining the business sector in the community and said, “Congratulations; this is the second business that Cornerstone Co-op has opened in Vermilion this year!” Director of Operations, Kory Kralkay said, “We would like to thank everyone for their support so far and look forward to serving everyone in the future. We encourage everyone to come see us for their event planning needs as discounts are available on large orders.” Visitors enjoyed learning about all that the new location had to offer as well as had the opportunity to enter for door prizes, try samples, and enjoyed celebrating with cupcakes and coffee. Door prizes included a smoker, coolers, and an Adrondack chair made from baseball bats.

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