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Ireland Farm Renovations

Ireland Farm renovation progress. Photo Elaina John

Ireland Farm Equipment is renovating and expanding the business. Last year, the Town of Vermilion requested proposals to purchase the past Webb’s building on Railroad Avenue with the condition that the buildings must be renovated or replaced within 3 years. Ireland Farm Equipment jumped at this opportunity, as they needed the space and economically it made the most sense. They had been renting it from the town previous to the purchase, which occurred on January 1, 2020. “It was a viable option to make a proposal and to come to terms to purchase the property,” stated Ireland Farm owner Brent Baddock. The renovations will raise the roof of the shop portion to accommodate agricultural equipment. As well, the steel structure is being upgraded to bring the building up to code. “It’s nice to see these renovations progressing and to have the opportunity to work with local contractors. This additional space will help us serve our customers better,” comments Baddock. Ireland Farm plans on using the shop portion of the building for storage and agriculture equipment maintenance and are unsure at this time about what will come of the wooden and showroom portion of the building. Baddock is exploring the possibility of renting out the extra space. Ireland Farm hopes for renovations to be complete by late August.

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