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Aaron Pritchett Announces “Liquored Up” Cross-Canada Tour With Special Guests Matt Lang And Cory Marks

Canadian country music sensation Aaron Pritchett is hitting the road once again with his highly anticipated “Liquored Up” cross-Canada tour. This marks Pritchett’s first national tour since October 2019, and fans are eagerly anticipating the return of his electrifying performances that span the diverse landscapes of the country.

The “Liquored Up” tour is set to kick off on January 27 in Calgary and will weave its way through 34 cities, including a stop at Lloydminster’s Vic Juba Community Theatre on February 12, as part of the Dr. H.A. McDonald Season. Pritchett is bringing along fellow Canadian artists Matt Lang and Cory Marks to join him on stage for what promises to be an unforgettable musical experience.

In a recent telephone interview, Pritchett expressed his excitement about hitting the road once again. “Especially because of 20 and 21, we didn’t even know if we would have music to play,” he said. “In touring aspect, this feels so great to be able to get back on tour, get back to what we were meant to be doing!”

When asked about the preparation for a tour of this magnitude, Pritchett highlighted the logistical challenges. “There is so much to do logistically for sure. You’ve got your routing, but then there are all the little details that you have to figure out,” he explained. From hotels to bus schedules and ensuring everyone on the team is on the same page, the preparation is a meticulous process.

Mentally, Pritchett exudes readiness. “I’m always excited to get on the road and start playing for the fans. It’s awesome!” he laughed. Reflecting on his childhood, he shared a humorous anecdote about his extroverted nature, recounting how his report cards often suggested he focus less on entertaining the class for better grades.

As for the evolution of his music, Pritchett discussed the changes in his latest album. “I wanted to entertain the crowd that listens to my music and I want them to hear all different sorts of sides of me,” he said. The new album, with its mix of country and other genres like R&B, soul, and rock, reflects Pritchett’s desire to showcase various facets of his musical identity.

Joining Pritchett on the “Liquored Up” tour are artists Matt Lang and Cory Marks, both of whom will perform alongside him as well as have their solo moments on stage. Pritchett expressed his excitement about touring with these talented musicians, highlighting the similarities in their show styles.

Pritchett’s son Jordan, who also produced his newest album, is a part of the touring band. Pritchett beamed with pride, describing him as a “very accomplished musician, singer, and songwriter, and now a producer for me and a few other artists.”

Adding an element of surprise to the tour, Pritchett revealed that black vinyl records, limited to just 300 copies, will be sold during the shows. Among them, one will be a gold album, and whoever purchases it will receive a free house concert. Pritchett emphasized the mystery surrounding the location of the gold album, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Tickets for the Lloydminster show can be purchased through the Vic Juba Community Theatre website or Aaron Pritchett’s official website. Don’t miss the chance to catch this dynamic trio as they bring their “Liquored Up” tour to Lloydminster.

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