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St. J’s Gymnastics Day

St. Jerome’s Gymnastics Day on April 6. Photo Angela Mouly

Hundreds of students at St. Jerome’s School were able to showcase their talent during Gymnastics Day on April 6. The event celebrated school spirit and challenged each house; Cartier, Fraser, and Mackenzie to perform their best earning points from local judges.

“This tradition goes back over 60 years and is a big part of identifying who we are. Welcome to St. Jerome’s and thank you to all of our students who worked so hard,” said Principal Allan Chase.

After singing the school song, students faced off in Swedish drills, pyramid, and individual performances. Cartier’s theme was Cowboys and Aliens, Fraser’s was Avatar, and Mackenzie’s was Top Gun.

Some additional individual challenges were performed in the balance and tumbling categories. These showed the different skill levels of moves such as handstands, hand walks, headstands, and teddy bear stands.

“Great job,” said Chase.

Overall staff, students, and their families who came to support them all enjoyed the high-energy productions and excitement of the day. From entertaining costumes to assisting and cheering on fellow students, it was easy to see where all that school spirit comes from throughout the years.

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