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TD Donates To Local Children’s Clubs

On October 16, TD donated to the Vermilion Ukrainian Dance Association, Mannville Skating Club, and the Vermilion Soccer Association.

The donations were part of TD’s annual “TD Plays” program, in which each branch is given a sum of money, and the branch decides which local children’s program or club to donate the money to.

$200 went to both the Vermilion Ukranian Dance Association and the Vermilion Soccer Association, and $300 went to the Mannville Skating Club. The funds were distributed based on the need for donations and publicity each club receives.

(From left) Christina Frankiw with the Vermilion Ukranian Dance Association, TD manager Marlene Beattie, and Danielle Eriksen with the Vermilion Soccer Association. Photos Elaina John

TD Manager Marlene Beattie and Gabby Larson with the Mannville Skating Club.

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