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Vermilion 4-H Beef Interclub Show And Sale

The Vermilion 4-H Beef Interclub hosted their annual Heifer Show on May 26, and Steer Show and Sale on May 27, at the Vermilion Agricultural Grounds. Vermilion and Clandonald 4-H Beef Clubs showcased their animals throughout the event during showmanship and confirmation classes. “It’s been a great day. We appreciate all of the support from the community and seeing all of the Interclub members helping one another,” said Vermilion General leader, Kris Lehmann. The announcer noted that there were some of the best cattle in the country, and thanked local businesses and prospective buyers. He also noted that by supporting these children, that they would be subsequently supporting their community and their education. Twelve-year-old Dolly Lehne is a Vermilion 4-H Beef Member and after showing her junior heifer said, “I like being in 4-H because it gives you a lot of confidence, and people treat you like family. When doing public speaking they are preparing you for the future, and it is nice to learn a lot about heifers and steers. The Interclub Grand Champion (sponsored by Nutrien Ag Solutions) was awarded to Ashley Jones for her steer, J. The Interclub Reserve Grand Champion (sponsored by Vermilion Insurance Services) was awarded to Rylan Lehmann for her steer, Burnz.

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