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Shooting In Shelter

A new shelter overlooks the Vermilion Gun Range, and with safety being a priority, the Vermilion Gun Club is home to approximately 350 members.

“We try to do one big project every year, and the shelter was this year’s. On hot days in the afternoon and during rain showers we have somewhere to escape the weather. With the range open since 2002, it has been really good for us,” said Dave Moore.

According to Moore, a few members volunteered alternate days and weekends, while the main portion was built with a crew of about 20. On August 9, members gathered for a weekly trap shooting event.

Aiming at clay pigeons, members took 25 shots per round rotating stations from the 16-yard line. Members competed against themselves and one another trying to attain the highest score. According to Moore, the sport is a nice way to relax.

“It is a lot of fun because you are always competing against yourself,” said Greg Stolz.

The club also hosted a Black Powder Rifle Match on August 12. Celebrating more traditional methods, members refer to it as the Davy Crockett event of the shooting sports.

For more information on the club, you can visit

Photos Angela Mouly

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